Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

It's a new day
Let's look at all we've got
It's everything we thought
We ever wanted
It's beautiful

(Baby, hold on)
Let's start this over
(Baby, hold on)
We're not much older now
(Baby, hold on)
If you still see what I see
Keep holding on
Hold on to me
The Dixie Chicks

Someone asked me this week exactly how many weeks I have spent at the ridge, and I didn't exactly know the number. 20 something for sure. And there have been a whole lot of good and great weeks here. Last week wasn't one of them.

It was by far my toughest week ever at the ridge. Worse than the first, although that is so far removed maybe I am glossing over how tough that week was. I have never had to deal with an injury at the ridge and I suffered with doubt and pain. I didn't know whether to baby my knee or push it and see what would happen. I also spent the week in considerable pain due to a tooth problem.

I did an hour and 20 minutes on the treadmill , Wednesday afternoon, mixing in running and walking and really felt pretty decent throughout the time. I didn't recover well that night and now have pain in my right knee as well as the left. One thing you can do at the ridge is modify the program to fit your needs and problems. Paige is really happy to help structure a program that will help you make the most of your time at the ridge regardless of any injuries you may be suffering from. Looks like extra pool and bike work for me this week. And as John and Melissa know any time in the hot tub makes you feel better.

After suffering with tooth pain for most of the week. I headed to the dentist on Friday morning. Long story short, #29 tooth came out in about 3 pieces. It was and is painful but it feels a lot better. And given that the dentist muttered two things you never want to hear at the dentist, "I have never seen that before", and "that's what I was afraid of" it wasn't all that terrible.

So we started Saturday with a new direction, new attitude and one less tooth. But hey here's to hoping that tooth weighed a lot. I had a double digit weight loss this week, got to ride the bike further than I had before, and had a really good weekend. The field trip Saturday was Laser Tag/ Neon Mini Golf, enhanced by me continuing my 2 year unbeaten streak on various air hockey tables in St George. And more proof that you can have fun without food and booze on a Saturday night.

Which leaves me with Halloween at the Ridge. Nice to see the staff embrace the holiday :) I guess if you are going to pick a holiday to be at the ridge this one's fairly easy. I'm not sure how the people hike on Christmas day... but they do. No bowls of candy sitting around and my first snickerless Halloween since old #29 was a mere baby tooth.

Here is to everyone having a better week and a wonderful November. Peace and Love, Jim

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Melissa said...

Yay for the hot tub! ;) Hope this week, and your knee, is better for you.