Saturday, November 20, 2010


I dig it when you're fancy dressed up in lace
I dig it when you have a smile on your face
This inspiration's got to be on the flow
This invitation's got to see it and know
It's just warm love
And it's everpresent everywhere
To the country I'm going
Lay and laugh in the sun
You can bring, bring your guitar along
We'll sing some songs, we'll have some fun

Van Morrison

I wanted to wrap up my most recent trip to the ridge. It was trying to say the least on many different levels. There is no such thing as a bad trip to the ridge. But let's just say that some work out better than others. This one really didn't. But I'm still really glad I went. As always I met wonderful people, got inspired by all the others there working their butts off, hung out with the fabulous staff, and lost double digits weight.

I did something on this trip that I haven't done in the past. I set up a private meeting with one of the dietitians. Rachael, is the newest addition to the ridge staff and is available virtually all day to talk to you about food and food issues. She is easy to spot as she is the best dressed person in the dining room everyday. I have a nice history of completely losing my mind thanksgiving and keeping it lost until Christmas or more likely New Year's Day or even more likely Super Bowl Sunday. So we spent a long hour discussing food issues, planning meals, and talking about strategies to push forward. I could have actually used about 3 days. Strategy number 1.... Stop eating in bars :) Not too hard to do since I spend a whole lot less time in said venues in the winter with no volleyball :( but I really do want to limit my eating out because the calories I consume outside the house is way too high.

One thing I am certain we can all agree on is that I took way too few, and in general, mostly terrible pictures on this trip. But we can also agree that there are no bad pictures of my fitness ridge love....the pool. Big plans seem to be underway at the ridge. The building project manager, who has broken my heart in the past, assures me that on my next trip I will see a whole bunch of progress. First thing on the table is a new gym/lecture hall/social area. Now they have been promising me and I have been promising you guys enough that they should call me Peter Wolf, but I have some faith this time. Much like Charlie Brown's never ending faith that Lucy will hold that ball down.

I did have a really good last week. I was very happy I finally got an off road hike in. Got a ton of laps in. Got to see a whole bunch of newbies complete a triathlon. Got to play a little bit of basketball, ( where even hobbled still beat Seth and Eric :), had an awesome Friday afternoon in the pool, peeled like a snake in the desert, and got to tell my tan story by request and am actually living it as I am easily the most naturally tan person in Wisconsin in November. I followed that up with some fun times in Las Vegas. Oh and for the first time ever I am coming back heavier in the wallet and lighter on the scale.

I wanted to say thanks to the people who took the time to write and comment on this trip. I am really happy to report that I spent a few moments this week chatting with Caroline and she is on the road to recovery. She did seem concerned that her accent hadn't come back yet. I wasn't sure if she meant New York, South Africa or the combo plate she normally talks with. She made me laugh and I was very thankful for that. I hope everyone has a great week, and a very Happy Thanksgiving. It's one day, enjoy yourself. And I will leave the ridge by giving you a picture of the one thing everyone agrees on. Peace, Love, and Pumpkin delights, Jim

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Caroline is doing well!! Sorry to hear this trip didn't work out as well as you would have liked. Take good care of yourself and maybe the next trip will be better.

Cheering for you from Spokane!