Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Calorie Counting!!

But save your resolutions for your never new year.
There is only one solution I can see here.
Love you're all I ever could need only one good thing
Worth trying to be and it's
Sara Bareilles
So as I walk around the mall each day it occurs to me that I have really spent much less time in a mall than most people. Partly cause I'm not really a shopper, partly because walking around the mall with all those people kind of scared me in an agoraphobic sort of way. So when I say I have never in the last decade eaten in a mall food court I am telling the truth. The food court at my mall is truly a buffet of everything that makes us fat. I mean where else can you get an Arbys sandwich, McDonalds fries, a Slice of pizza, and a DQ blizzard as your meal.
(with calorie estimates)
10am Chicken sandwich 3 oz chicken breast, 90 calorie light bun, mustard=210
handful small carrots=30
1pm 2 slices rye bread=90/ 2tbsp peanut butter=190
5pm salad with tuna(90) olives(75) lite 1,000isle (60) veggies(50)=315
7:30pm 1.5 chicken breasts (200)
baked potato (120)
late snack ice cream sandwich (150)
Total Calories=1450
6:45 215 sit ups
7:30 mall walking 35 minutes
1:00 pm 2 hours volleyball
1 day closer to Utah now 74 days away Peace, Jim

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Sabine said...

your food log is amazing....Makes me feel still out of control (with a glass of red wine in the right hand).....
You sure love your "pretzels", right???
I think it's a german word , and acroos the pond we call them Bretzels.....
Just thought I through this in for entertainment value.....
13 more days for Mr O to take over that beautiful country of yours....