Monday, January 26, 2009

January almost done

Fat man sitting on a little stool
Takes the money from my hand while his eyes take a walk all over you
Hands me the ticket smiles and whispers good luck
Cuddle up angel cuddle up my little dove
We'll ride down baby into this tunnel of love
Bruce Springsteen
Another weekend down and nothing too major or exciting here in Madison. I stayed home Friday and went to sleep at like 9 pm. Went out Saturday and saw a couple mediocre bands and had a few beers with some buddies. Sunday I saw Revolutionary Road in the morning and played a volleyball at night. It was another wicked cold weekend with temps in the negatives.
Revolutionary Road is a torturous tale of suburban life and the misery of lost dreams. Not one happy person in this movie. Excellently acted but not fun by any measure. I also saw Frost/Nixon last week and enjoyed the re-telling of this time and history around these interviews.
We are in slightly over our heads in the winter volleyball league we are in. The rec league didn't fill and we decided to play in the competitive league where I feel old, slow, and not much of a jumper. It's still fun and it will make us better, but it's a powerful form of volleyball. And to top it off I twisted my knee jumping at the net and am hobbling around today :(
Sunday is our biggest annual party. I'll post some pics next week of the food and packed house and if you can get to Madison you are of course invited. I'll also post the Super Bowl quiz we do so anyone who wants can play along. Have a great week. This week will mark the end of my keeping an online food log for awhile. It has helped but is time consuming to record and type in here. I'll keep the exercise log going
Breakfast: Grapefruit, cold cereal w/ skim milk,
Lunch: Tuna on Rye, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. 150 cal chips
Dinner: leftover spaghetti, salad, dry white toast
Snack Ice cream sandwich
Breakfast english muffin, peanut butter, strawberries,
Lunch: Two chicken breasts, 2 lt buns, hot sauce, pickles, carrots
Dinner: 10 oz shrimp, cole slaw, cocktail sauce, crackers
Snack 4 beers
Breakfast Medium popcorn
Lunch ham sandwich lt rye, mustard, carrots, pickles
Dinner: Hamburger no bun, baked potato, salad
45 minutes walking
200 sit ups
2 hours volleyball
200 sit ups
1 hour volleyball
slow warm-up on treadmill
Lifted dumbbells for chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps
300 sit ups, 200 med ball tosses
Peace, Good luck, and have fun, Jim

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