Friday, January 23, 2009

Please let it be spring

Somewhere along the line we lost the horizon,
I've been looking 'round, up and down
Nowhere there, nowhere there
Someday I hope we can find the horizon
Rachael Yamagata
Nothing really new or exciting to point out. I enjoyed watching the inauguration most of Tuesday. No matter how you feel about the election, you have to admit that the excitement generated and the crowds were like no recent inauguration. And one thing no one can debate is when it comes to throwing parties the Dem's get a much cooler group of musicians.
I spent Tuesday night watching the Terps win a bball game vs UVA (sorry Pam), Wednesday night playing Team Trivia at Byrds pub with my new friends Sara and Jon, and Thursday night home on the couch laughing at 30 Rock like I do every Thursday. Team Trivia is an interesting concept that they use to draw people into local bars. It's a 20 question quiz, with a wide array of trivia. There were about 20 teams competing. We were in second place going into the final question, and I get a dream category Oscar winners. The question was what best picture winner of the last ten years was also the name of a 1941 comedy starring Ronald Reagan? we whiffed. We named nine of the last 11 winners (missing Chicago and American Beauty) and then proceeded to name a movie that wasn't even a Best Picture winner and came out 12 years ago. "As Good as it Gets" UGH!!
Exercise log
Weights/Sit ups
2 hrs Volleyball
20 station Circuit workout
2 hours volleyball
Mall walking 35 minutes
Food Log:
Breakfast Grapefruit, power bar, whole wheat english muffin
Lunch Tuna on salad greens
Dinner 1.5 chicken breasts, baked potato w salsa, broccoli, 1 scoop lt, ice cream
Breakfast 1 fried egg on whole wheat e. muffin, pineapple
Lunch 3 slices lo cal rye, turkey, baked chips, pickles, carrots
Dinner Cheeseburger, roasted potatoes, lettuce, tomato
Breakfast Grapefruit, Toast with lt peanut butter
Lunch Roast Beef on lt rye, pretzels, carrots, hard boiled egg
Snack Baked scoops w/ salsa
Dinner Spaghetti, salad, baguette, reeses pb heart
Hope all's well. Peace, Jim


Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,
How are you? I'm looking into going back to fitness Ridge and that got me wondering how you were. (I'm not much on keeping up with blogs I guess I'll have to read up on yours). Are you still losing weight? I'm still working hard with a few minor health set backs. I'm a grandma now with another expected in June. Take care, Diane

Jim Trudeau said...

Congrats on the grandchild Diane. Which child is the parent? I am glad to hear you are doing well. I am heading back to the Ridge from March 22nd thru April 5th for a little tune up. I am doing well, active, working hard, and having fun.

Pam R. said...

We don't get much UVA BB here in KC unless they are playing KU!! Waiting on the snow to hit later today and plotting my return to Mesquite and FR. I should be there no later than 3/8 and maybe sooner. Stay on track and I'll see you soon. Pam