Friday, January 16, 2009

Ridiculously Cold

drive wherever the roads will take you to
down beside a river frozen brown
January days and their scarecrow trees
so cold - feel your ears burn
The Sundays

Current conditions (as of 6:53 AM)
Today's forecast
°F °C
Wind chill warning
I know I said I wasn't going to bitch about the winter here....but come on....this is ridiculously bad. The temps dipped last night to almost negative 30, my house is making very strange sounds, my heating bill is going to fund the bailout of citibank, my dogs have just decided that the downstairs is their personal bathroom because after ten steps outside their paws are frozen, and just for fun tonite it is supposed to snow. I really need to reassess this whole living in Wisconsin thing. I have left the house once in the last two days... Jacky drove me to see Gran Torino. Did I mention that I have become a giant wuss when it comes to driving in this crap as well. Anyway the movie is excellent. Funny, touching, sad and thoughtful. Oscar worthy and on top of my list of Movies for 2008, which now looks like this:
Gran Torino
Slumdog Millionaire
Roman de Garre
I still need to see Frost/Nixon, Revolutionary Road, The Wrestler, and The Reader. As for the people pushing either Wall-E or Batman for inclusion in best picture talk....No. Wall-E was cute, and with a good message but was not even pixars best offering. And Batman while great for its genre was to me silly and pointless and way too over the top.
Exercise Log (this is easy)
Wed- Sit Ups
Thurs- Sit Ups
Food Log
Breakfast 1/2 grapefruit, turkey on rye
Lunch Salad greens with tuna
Dinner Two Chicken sandwiches, cole slaw, roasted potatoes
Breakfast 1/2 grapefruit, strawberries, pineapple, toast
Lunch Ham on rye, mustard, carrots pickles, 100 cal chips
Dinner:2 Chicken Tacos, Baked Scoops w'salsa and guacamole
Snack 150 calories ice cream


caroline said...

You sound like you're doing great with your eating. I'm happy to report that I've also managed to keep my calories at around 1500 every day for the last 2 weeks.

But then you know that feeling where you think ok, just this once I'll have a treat? So I end up buying these 100 calorie packs of mini twizzlers -- ewwww they are disgusting! I think sticking with the plan and no 'treats' would have been a better option(and that is not to say that I didn't finish every single one of those 100 calories...)

Keep strong! And keep up with the situps (my trainer has given up on the thought that I'll do a 100 of those anytime soon)

Pam R. said...

Negative temps here past few days & snow! Keep up the good work and I'll see you in March!!

Kristin said...

That's why live in Arizona. 76 degrees tomorrow.

Hopefully, you'll thaw out soon and life will return to normal. Keep your eye on the prize!