Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2 down 54 to go :)

we can always look back at what we did
always remembering you & me baby
for right now it's you and me forever
you know we could do better than anything that we did
you know that you and me we could do anything
you & me together can do anything, baby
you & me together yeah, yeah
two of us together we can do anything, baby
you and me together, yeah yeah
the two of us together yeah, yeah
the two of us together, we can do anything baby

The Dave Matthews Band

Okay let's start day two with breakfast much like we do at the ridge. I'm not going to be able to call it the whole biggest loser name each time so for now it is still the ridge. Yogurt, fruit granola parfait being modeled by Heidi. The yellow card lets the kitchen staff know there are restrictions to the diet. I really like this breakfast and have no idea why I have never tried to replicate it at home. On my goal list.

This is the Chocolate sorbet. The Ridge has returned to serving dessert each night but usually under 100 calories. The pineapple sorbet last night was magnificent, the chocolate not so much. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that the normal Tuesday night chocolate covered strawberries are just delayed this week

We had Trevor's calorie challenge today. 1 oz of jerky = 80 calories. My team even lost the medium movie popcorn question. 900 calories without the butter. Well truth be told I know nothing of either medium sized nor butterless movie theater popcorn so that was our problem.

Linda from Orlando gets the first self portrait of the year. She happened to be sitting next to me enjoying our enchilada pie dinner, really good by the way. I know she is here for one week, has two dogs, has eaten at Del Friscos in Orlando, and has sore knees. She is also really nice and funny.

Darlene, Deann and I. 2 roses one thorn. As always the the women outnumber the men here by an easy 8-1 margin or so. Tried to win favor by breaking out the pink ribbon socks but not sure anyone noticed.

Lisa and Deann. Lisa from Medford, Oregon was not on my team in yesterdays pool class. She learned that I am not above being rough, throwing these girls around and dunking them if they get between me and the goal. We ended up paired in a later toss game and she can throw and catch for sure. She can't dunk a behemoth but that day may be coming soon.

The night reservation staff. Talk about an office that has grown at the ridge. Two years ago it was an office of one. Now the office has 3 people all the time, and the phone does not stop ringing. Ryan, Michelle, and the soon to be newlywed Megan.

Just cause I love you guys, I took this picture of their available dates through the end of summer. Have at it, if one of those dates will work for you if not and you want to come in September you might want to pick up the phone very soon.

Trainers John and Tiffany have the cumbersome task of getting the filling in that sandwich ready for his Triathlon. My quadriceps are in agony today and the man in orange's step and puke class has a ton to do with it. I need more hot tub time. I was able to get some extra lap time in yesterday which I really enjoyed and so far my bike work has consisted of working by them and grimacing, but I swear I climb on to and peddle one this Saturday

Oh well, two days done, plenty more to come. And CNBC is flying out Sunday to do a story about obesity and weight loss techniques in the United States and one segment will involve your blog writer, but more on that later :) Peace and love, and sore muscles, Jim


jacky said...

Del Frisco's?? OMG, I forgot about that place. Yummy!
-your hungry, points counting, wifey

Sabine said...

I thought this was day 3????
You have to let us know when that CNBC story will air.
Keep plowing along, all your friends are with you.
Sounds like Jacky is on WW????

Jessica said...

That breakfast granola was my favorite!
Step and puke.....nice one =) ooooo oooo ooo ooo I know this....much is..... true!
Keep the momentum going! I'm gonna try 26 miles on my bike on Saturday in honor of your first ride...rain or shine!

DeeAnn said...

You were pretty brutal with the dunking. I stirred WAY clear of you. LOL!