Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sprintsaurus Class

Hold me close
You turn nighttime into day
And you're the most
Brightest star that lights my way

So come home to me now
'Cause it won't matter anyhow
I've got this feeling that today's the day

Well almost through three weeks, and made a quick trip down to Vegas today to drop off Jacky for her return to winter. Don't cry too hard for her as she does have a trip to Hawai'i coming up in two months. The best thing I can say about this week is that I am running more and more each day. Running on the stop sign hike, running at morning sprints, and running on the treadmill. I also, of course, enjoyed having Mrs T. around and she impressed in class each day, but she was ready to be done on Wednesday. Wanted to give a huge shout out to Brandi who has been doing well and keeping a fabulous blog of her journey. I'm sharing her blog with you guys because it is so well done. Enjoy

Here is my morning sprint club. Josh, Eric, Myself, And Trevor. I can't really explain just how hard these things are.
Perhaps the picture on my face below will give you a clue. But I will say that it sure helps to have some workout partners to pull me up that hill. This will be a twice weekly adventure for the next 6 weeks. We even added Renee to this morning's runs as she picked an inopportune time to jog on by. And, in fact, consider this a challenge to anyone else around, you are welcome to join us in the fun every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am on the mountain.

I'm not going to tell you whether this was a staggered start or if Renee has some serious sprinter speed but lets just say it may have been a combination of the two.

My brother Jay, Jacky and I in Vegas today. Both of them flying out in the next 12 hours. And it will be 3 weeks until I get some more sunshine when my friends arrive in Vegas. Speaking of hoops don't look now but my Terps are playing great basketball and need one more win to lock up an NCAA bid. Hopefully it comes on Saturday. I have a fairly mellow weekend planned. More hoops and bike riding on Saturday. I knocked out multiple miles yesterday on the bike and even got out in traffic. Off road hiking tomorrow in the AM although not sure exactly which hike yet. The Saturday post graduation activity this week is a movie and I don't know yet if I will attend but probably not. I am planning an outing for next Friday as I have roped a handful of campers into going to see Colbie Caillat in concert next Friday in St. George. Should be fun. That's all that's new here at the Ridge. Have a great Friday Peace and Love, Jim


Cat Cee said...

aww, sounds like you are going home for April. I would have loved to meet you while I am there. You are so motivating and I love reading your blog.

VAgirl said...

Now I'm wishing I was there even more so that I could go see Colbie ;)

Denise Berard said...

Jim! You look so terrific in this pic with Jacky in Vegas! So many of the working out pics at the Ridge have you in the baggy stuff it masks how fabulous you're looking. Get into some sexier workout wear!!

Wisconsin Terp said...

Thanks for all the kind words. And believe me sexy, workout wear, and me do not belong in the same sentence :)

Leslie said...

Awwww, two of my FAVORITE bloggers, Jim and Brandi! You both look fantastic, tho I have to call you out on those Penn State shorts. Pitt fan here, 100%. I too was hoping to meet you, but I arrive on 4/4. Aren't many of you racing the day before, or the Saturday after? Well wishes from Chicago!