Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sing to Me

well we know where we're going, but we don't know where we've been
and we know what we're knowing, but we can't say what we've seen
and we're not little children, and we know what we want
and the future is certain, give us time to work it out
The Talking Heads
I wanted to wrap up the weekend for you guys and in fact did so, went to publish it, and watched it drift off into cyberspace never to be seen again :( Saturday night's really been upgraded with a weekly outing and a fun graduation ceremony. This past Saturday was the longest yet and included someone reading a long poem they transcribed and many other emotional talks by departing guests. This week it was followed by a round of sober karaoke

Cherise got the party started and not only did she break out her GLEE shirt, she sang so well that she could walk onto the show tomorrow. And of course a very special thank you for her breaking out a little Ingrid Michaelson for me. I broke out the Beach Boys, some Janis, Sonny and Cher, Looking Glass, and the Olivia Newton John -John Travolta duet.

I, and really every other guest, need to give a huge thank you to Jim Simon a guest in the early fall. He reached into his own pocket and paid for the first ever Fitness Ridge Karaoke night and showed the staff that having fun can be an important part of the program. Jen and I were guests back then, and so we broke out Me and Bobby McGee just like we did that first time. I'm sure Janis rolled over in her grave again. My favorite question asked of me, Jim did you sing poorly on purpose to make the others feel better? Ah No....That's just me :)

Sunday's as I have talked about many times before are so hard for me. I love the day of rest, I hate having to say goodbye to my new friends. These two girls are two of my all time favorites. Betsey on my right, is my much more attractive much younger twin from another mother. After arriving late due to extra Vegas Super Bowl partying she worked hard and arranged an awesome Friday party for us. Lisa heads back to her gorgeous family after 3 awesome weeks. She pushed me to be better and never missed an opportunity to dunk me in the pool. Her competitiveness fueled me. I hate watching people walk out that door knowing I may never see them again. These two wll cross my path again for sure (hopefully)
"Salisbury Steak" It was tasty for sure but when I saw steak I had something else in mind. Steak does not imply that the meat was once adorned with feathers; it means hooves were carrying it around. It's nice to dream

They have reinstituted dessert every night. This was coconut sorbet or maybe tropical island ice. I am not a big dessert eater , but the dessert, which is usually less than 125 calories, serves as a tasty way to end your day
I spent Valentine's Day in a place I really feel the love, the sports book in Vegas. Jacky was flying in for a few day visit to the the Ridge so I went down a little early that day and got some time watching basketball and the horses. It was wonderful to get Jacky here, so she can experience my life here. She, of course, destroyed me going up the hill but more on that in your next update. Thanks to Melissa Marks for today's blog song, I hope everyone has a great Fat Tuesday although here at the Ridge every Tuesday is Fat Tuesday. Peace and burning down the house Love, Jim


Lisa said...

Jim you were truly the one who pushed me. Thanks for playing along.....and I still think I won in the pool swim competition, even though I almost passed out trying to beat you. We will for sure see each other again.

Sabine said...

So nice to hear that Jacky was there with you, even if it was only a shor time...
Nice Valetine's day.
Keep up the good work. We are all so proud of you

Anonymous said...

The lyrics for 2/18 should be from "Stardust", Tenderly" or the classic "If it takes forever it's more fun that way"

Betsey said...

awww Jimmy!! I feel famous, I made your blog! hahaha :) Anyways my twin, we will definitely cross paths!!!! Hopefully at Fitness Ridge again and St Louis!!! I just don't think it would be the same to go back to FR without youuuu!

I loved our back-to-back pool classes!!! :)

MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!