Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Morning

So what if you can see the darkest side of me
No one will ever change this animal I have become
Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal I have become
3 Days Grace

It's early on Friday morning and I am about an hour away from taking a fun little group of misfits on the hike known as slots. First off I use misfits only in the most lovable way. For some of these people it will be their first off road adventure and well someone may have told them that slots is way doable. I have a feeling there may be a few hikers cursing Jim when we get into it. But hey it's all about challenging yourself and trying new things. Please no injuries today :) We had a slight 911 call yesterday following a quick pass out following a treading class, but she was right back in the pool for the 4:30 pool class.

Speaking of treading I had a first for me yesterday ( I think) I did back to back treading classes. Each class was 45 minutes long and the treading class is a high intensity cardio interval class. I'm actually starting to feel pretty good again(knock wood) after a really hard Wednesday. My morning hike consisted of mostly sand work as I went up and down the dunes and did some sprints in the wash. It's a Jim special workout to help me get better in the summer sand volleyball. Speaking of volleyball thanks to Katie for hitting with me yesterday and agreeing to hit on camera with me Monday.

Seth from Biggest Loser season two is finishing up his fourth week at the ridge. Just a really nice guy and as you can see from the picture always exercising :)

A couple of food pics for you. Breakfast yesterday I really liked. Almond butter and jelly sandwich with bananas and strawberries.

Lunch was "Hawaiian pizza" Ahhh... No. This is not pizza even under the broadest definition of pizza and seriously the good people of Hawai'i are shamed by this representation of their state. Aloha to this.

A couple quick shout outs Peggy and Georgette from Ohio who have been working hard this week and who are damn happy they only signed on for one week. Thanks to Francis for today's blog song although slightly darker then I usually run I appreciate the sentiment. To my Terps for picking up a nice road win at FSU last night. And to all my facebook friends commenting on my adventures here I appreciate it greatly. Game night tonite and a bowling trip Saturday. It's almost fun here :) Have a great weekend and all you east coasters stay warm in the nor'easter headed your way Peace, jim


Sheila said...

Jim - yours was the first blog I found and am so happy to see that you are back so I get to read it while it's hot off the press! - I caught up on all of the old ones. You are an inspiration to me and I hope when I get there in September (and my physical therapist lets me do real exercising again)that I can take what I read from your blog to help me along - Thanks!

Terrapin=Turtle=Awesome said...

I can't believe your first week is about over, it's going by so fast, yet so slow for my countdown! The food looks good. Seth was my favorite contestant on Season 2. Cool that you got to meet him. I'm assuming you didn't fall off the side of the mountain. Good job doing slots. Thanks for blogging your adventure. Did you start that novel yet?