Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some week ending pictures

Blue skies smilin' at me
Nothin' but blue skies do I see
Bluebirds singin' a song
Nothin' but bluebirds all day long

Never saw the sun shinin' so bright
Never saw things goin' so right
Noticing the days hurrying by
When you're in love, my how they fly

Blue days, all of them gone
Nothin' but blue skies from now on
(Blue skies smilin' at me
Nothin' but blue skies do I see)


Well 4 weeks down and to be honest it has gone really fast. I have to say goodbye to some really good friends that arrived the same day as I did and have helped drag, push and support me. So all my best to Colleen, Corinne, and Darlene. I am certainly proud of all of you. Best wishes taking all this fun stuff you learned home, you guys will be missed by lots more people than just me. And also a huge shout out to Katee who is wrapping up a trip here that began before Christmas. The boys at Oral Roberts University are in for a real pleasant surprise.

I have had the pleasure of meeting quite a few of the Biggest Loser contestants here at the ridge. Again I am not a big fan of the show, more diet, more exercise and way less drama would work much better for me, but hey I'm watching college basketball most every Tuesday night anyway. But for the record of all the contestants I have met, this one is the funniest. She was 3rd place in season 2, but won a pretty big prize marrying the winner Matt Hoover. They have all been really nice to me, and they are no different than any other campers in that they all struggle, they just do it on a much, much bigger stage. Thanks Suzy you made the week much more fun

I'm a little out of order here with the pictures but hey who cares. Another dose of Saturday night sober karaoke. To me this is a blast and I actually have come to realize I pretty much stink, but I don't give a damn. Here's Cherise and I doing Ain't No Mountain High Enough For the record one of us was way closer to Tammie Terrill than the other was to Marvin Gaye. Talk about What's Going On. Marvin rolling over in his grave that's what's going on.

Here's a shot of the Fab Four doing All You Need is Love. I have dragged some unwilling campers on their first hikes, and I have taken people up climbs they wanted no part of, but none of that was as hard as convincing Darlene and Merinda to come up and sing with us.

We had a little outing Friday night as 15 of us went to see Colbie Caillat in concert in downtown
St George at Dixie State College. It was a really good crowd easily over 1,000 people. I'll give Colbie some credit as well. Her show while really similar to the one I saw in Madison in December but better. She played longer and picked up the guitar and ukulele. It was a really good time. Quite a few yawns in the mix by 10pm, but still I think everyone was glad they went.

Michelle and Jerica after rocking it up to the stop sign Saturday morning. Michelle sporting her shirt from the previous nights show.I spent Saturday morning in the Mormon church for the third time in a row. Well the gym in the church. Nothing on this trip has made me feel as good as playing hoops. Not the faster time on the stop sign, not the long slots hike, not the bike riding, and not the faster times on the treadmill. But coming off a screen, squaring up from 22 feet, and dropping in a jumper really reminds me of being in my 20's. Doing it with Eric or Trevor trying to guard me makes it even more fun.

Sometimes when I am here I totally forget to take in the sights. I get used to them and they just become background. But every once in awhile I see something so breathtaking that I pause. This overlook never fails to disappoint. My shorts look a little big as well so no complaints.

Friday we did a really fun hike. I had done the components of it before but never all of them at once. We did Johnson's Arch, Jenny's Canyon, Pioneer Names, and Galoot. As you can tell by the picture your blog host and double digit women. No shock there. It is really cool with the hike to Johnson's Arch being the coolest part. It was my first ever off road hike way back in the day. It's funny I went by myself that day made it all the way to the back but never saw the arch. This time someone said look up and that it was. This trail closes soon as it is where the falcons like to get busy and they are private creatures :)

Denise, sweaty ass Terp fan, and Cherise. Congrats to Denise for accepting the challenge and doing her first off road hike on her last day. And then of course shame on Denise for listening to me when i said it would be really easy with no problems. She had an awesome first 99% of the hike. She got dragged to stop sign on film her first day and progressed so well in her stay. Another great Ridge success story.

Here we are on the summit of Galoot Hill. It's a little fall if you go off this. No one went over the side thankfully. Denise took a little fall near the edge but Darlene plucked back. A little bruise on the knee and a few expletives preceding my name and she was back to good. It wasn't so good for one of our hikers on the other hike. one bad step, one little tumble, and a trip in the ambulance with a broken ankle. In my 24 weeks it was the most serious injury I have seen here. It could have been any of us, the terrain can be tricky and unforgiving but again next to no real injuries in my 6 months here.

Sometimes you leave the Ridge for awhile and come back and there is a surprise waiting for you. No not that..come on.... Meet Talon he is the grandson of Denae who is the guest services manager here. And Denae is way too young and way, way too young looking to be a grandmom. Talon's mom and dad joined in the fun at karaoke. And since it was sober karaoke they trusted me to hold him for a few moments. Best wishes to Mom and Dad and Grandmom.

On to week number 5, more biking for sure, more hoops, stop sign Monday, Mountain sprints, pink noodles and black swimsuits in the pool class, a trip to Dixie State to watch a basketball game, swimming laps at the in-town pool, another 1,000 medicine ball sit ups, treadmill running, a much needed hair cut, two old friends coming to the ridge, bowling Saturday night, and of course, much closer to fun in Vegas. A huge smile from my Terps that have one five straight games including a Saturday night 104-100 double overtime win at Virginia Tech. This trip has been full of magic and really the magic has only begun. Terps get Duke at home Wednesday night in a battle for first place. A special thank you to Linda M from where the turf meets the surf in San Diego. She reached deep into the classic tune bag for a song I always associate with Sinatra. Linda is the Queen of the Avocado ranchers, a consumate horsewoman, and another person who will be looking at her watch and waiting for me to finish the triathlon after she has finished. Can't wait for that. Little surprised she didn't grab a song from her really good friend Cher. I hope everyone has an awesome week. 2 more weeks on campus for me. Wow time flies. Peace and Love, Jim


Sabine said...

A wonderful post, as usual. But Denae a grandmother/????
UNBELIEVABLE.....Have a great week.
I am all Olymiced-OUt and looking forward to "normal" hours....
Take care..Sabine

Betsey said...

It sounds like you have an exciting week 5 planned!! It sounds very busy! I cant believe Denae is a grandma.. that's nuts!

I completely understand what you mean about bball being your favorite thing.. Thats how I feel about tennis! Tennis was by far my favorite time of the day!

Good luck with your triathlon training! You've inspired me... I might just do one too!!! :)

Miss you twin!

Cat Cee said...

That one picture of you with the beautiful scenery behind, looks like a painted back drop. Amazing! Have a wonderful week 5, I'll be reading!!

Rockyrider said...

Awe, Jim, "Thanks for noticin me"...but really? Irving Berlin, and I thought it was Willie's all this time. Cher's a tough one with most of her songs being about treating someone badly or being treated badly. But I expect to sing "I got you Babe" with you at sober charaoke. "There ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb".....


Wisconsin Terp said...

Linda~ I tend to credit the songwriters and I was surprised to see old Irving as the writer.

mam said...

Love the posts as usual, but can't help but point out one bit of scenery you appear to have missed -- in that group shot with you and your "double digit women," behind you on the left side, that's DEFINITELY a huge skull leering out of the rocks at you guys. Creepy!