Thursday, April 2, 2009

Win, Lose, or Draw

"Some people say
You can make it on your own
you can make it if you try
I know better now
You can't stand up alone
Oh baby that is why
I'm real real gone
I can't stand up by myself
Don't you know I need your help
You're a friend of mine
And I'm real real gone"
Van Morrison

Happy Thursday here in St George. I thought I would start today with my Saturday run in with the serious crime fighting super heroes that are the St George police department. 5 of the ridgers were looking to spend a little quality time at the movies Saturday afternoon. Instead of having them take a taxi I offered to drive them to the movie. I'm driving a rental dodge charger. 4 girls in the back seat which apparently violated the safety standards of this precious southern Utah community. After getting a lecture from Capt Safety on the dangers of not having everyone secured properly I got sent on my way with this warning. And now thanks to the hard work of the St George police the happy residents can again return safely of their homes and no longer fear the car load of fitness ridgers.

Breakfast yesterday was something new and something delicious. Just a mix of yogurt,fruit and Kashi cereal. A nice combo of sweet,crunchy and fruity.

Lunch yesterday was tacos and I know that it looks like a mountain of white cheese on these but I can assure you it was cabbage. The tacos were made with a base of brown rice, lentils and a smattering of ground turkey. They were big improvements from the tacos of last year. I was told the green stuff was some form of guacamole but it wasn't like any guacamole I had seen before.

Dinner was grilled salmon served over keenwah( no clue on the spelling). My wife is going to laugh at this cause she knows the chance of me ordering salmon is none existent but it was off the charts excellent. I'm not sure if it is the extreme hunger that makes everything here taste fabulous or that secretly I am a real healthy eater only masquerading as a junk food junkie

Dessert was strawberry shortcake and was like most everything else really, really good.

Here is somebody who makes most everyone happy at the ridge. Cody runs the pro shop and the Spa. And his appointment book is full of campers getting appointments for massages, reflexology, facials, manicures, pedicures, haircuts, and the likes. Plus he has pretty good taste in music, can out hike anyone on the staff and ran the marathon last year.

So we got a little game night going last night. I lost at both pictionary and taboo. Apparently when aiding all of Africa there is nothing else to do but play games cause Natalie was some sort of inter-galactic game wizard. 62 campers here this week and I invited all of them to play and we managed to get 7 to play. Now I don't want to tell anyone how to enjoy their vacation....BUT... stop going to your room at 7, we're all tired, but to get the most of this experience you need to interact with the people around you and have a laugh like the girls below. Thanks Linda for being the only true newbie who played.

I hope everyone has a great day. Off to hike something that I hope is not too steep, not to rocky or sandy, and not to far away. My guess is I go 0 for 3 on those dreams. Peace, Jim


Kristin said...

I LOVE game night! I would so be there! Argh! Another frustrating reason for me to be missing my awesome FR trip. Another time.
Cody is the best! I had a couple of conversations the weeks I was there. Cool guy.
The food looks amazing! You should try some "quinoa" when you get home. It's a great complex carb. Chef Cameron has really been working on his menu and it shows. Keep up the good work Chef!
AND, keep up the great wok Jim!!

Kristin said... Not wok!

Kerry said...

Okay, Jim, if you're still there next week, you're in charge of getting me to game night. I'm notorious for going to bed at 7pm :o) (funnily enough, the word verification thingy below is "yawns", and no, i'm totally not kidding!)

Jim Trudeau said...

Sadly I am leaving sunday evening after Sabine gets into town. The ridge will be bursting at the seams next week with a record number of campers. I believe the number I heard was 67. I also heard that only 20 of the 67 are not stayovers or returnees. I hope you get a little better weather than we did as it has been really windy these last two weeks. Have Fun, Jim