Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Feat dont fail me now.

"You might say you ain't got a hold on yourself

You might say you always try your best

You might say you only need a rest

You might say you can only fool yourself

I said fool yourself "

Little Feat

So Jacky and I celebrated on Sunday the 26th, the 12th anniversary of what many people have told me was the greatest wedding celebration they have ever attended. We had a fabulous dinner and saw a terrible movie. Don't go see Earth. Rent or buy the bbc version of the series Planet Earth and enjoy the dvds. This was a rehash of that wonderful series, but without the storyline to tie it together. It was an Earth Day money grab by Disney and particularly shameless even for a company like Disney that wants to separate you from as much of your cash as possible. It is very hard to believe that we have been married 12 years. It seems more like 12 months. Speaking of Jacky she leaves Monday on her ten day solo adventure to London, Venice, and Florence. Great news for her but not so much for the dogs and I. And for the record Jacky got me an exact replica of the Sundance hat that got eaten by Maggie last week. I feel complete again :)

Saturday night was Roller Derby night and the trivia team and I took in two matches and were big fans of the Vaudeville Vixens. No banked tracks like back in the day. And speaking of back in the day the last time I saw roller Derby live was in the early 70's at the Ocean City Convention Center. It actually turned out to be fun and they drew a nice sized crowd at $12 a head. Someone is making money off this event and my guess is it's not the girls on skates.

Monday night"s volleyball team picked up another win this week. I really can't even explain how different this game has become for me, but it a whole new sport from when I started a few years back

Teammate Allison sporting her Maryland threads. Allison is a UW grad but deep down seems to be a PSU fan. I was excited to hear she had a thing for older guys, however extremely disheartened to hear that older guy was Joe Paterno.

Today's song was from the wonderful band Little Feat. Go listen to the albums Dixie Chicken or Waiting for Columbus to get a delightful taste of their Cajun influenced bluesy rock music. When people talk of musicians that passed too early, rarely do you hear the name Lowell George, but his untimely death left a big hole in this band and was a tragic loss to music fans everywhere.
Speaking of music I will be seeing Jason Mraz Sunday night in Madison. Seeing as it is the first Saturday in May this week I will be making my trek down to Arlington Park for opening weekend to bet the Oaks and the Kentucky Derby. Too say I am excited would be a monster understatement. I love spending a day watching live racing and can't wait to get to Chi-town. Here's you winner....Friesan Fire....wish me luck.

I owe you an answer to last week's trivia question. The Ramones!!! The first one I put a line through. Last night we took the lead into the final question again. Here it is. This novel which was an extremely high grossing movie in the 70's was originally titled "The Terror of the Monster." And guess what we finally got one right :) Next update will talk about my doctor visit, WW weigh in this week, and a talk I had with someone very,very fit. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend Peace, Jim


caroline said...

Jaws :) and now can't get the theme music out of my head!

Wisconsin Terp said...

Right you are!!!

Sabine said...

Please wish Jacky a wonderful trip ...Hopefully I'll me her too one day!
Enjoy spring. Things are coming together, even here in the cold north.

scot w said...

So Jim, now that you have had some time to look it over, what is your Derby bet? Taking a shot with Regal Ransom myself.

Wisconsin Terp said...

I bet Friesan Fire but am using him with Motts horse and Dunkirk and Choc candy.