Saturday, April 25, 2009

Test Me

Doesn't take much to make me happy
And make me smile with glee
Never, never will I feel discouraged
'Cause our love's no mystery
The Emotions
Well lets start with some fun stuff. I went to a show Wednesday night that featured Meg Hutchinson and a band called Girlyman.

Meg and I April 2008 Meg and I April 2009

It was a unique crowd. I would say that there was 130 people of which maybe 8 were men. The music was really enjoyable. I had never heard Girlyman before and they were a 3 part harmony acoustic act. Think Indigo Girls plus another guy. Apparently Meg was much happier to get her picture taken last year. :)

My teamtrivia team on Tuesday did what we always do. 1st place going into the final question and then, of course, whiff. The question was, "This band took its name from a pseudonym used briefly by Paul McCartney?" a) Apollo 440 b) Hudu Guru c) The Pogues d) The Ramones. Come on!!! Rock and Roll history. Right in my wheel house. By the way the answers to last weeks questions were Meet the Press and The Mexican-American War.

I went in Monday and had blood drawn at the clinic for a full work up. When I started fitness ridge I was on a couple of medications. After two weeks at the ridge I threw the meds out and have not taken them since then. It's been a year and I was interested to see how my numbers matched up with my pre-ridge numbers. My numbers this week were off the chart good. Cholesterol under 170, HDL was high, LDL was low, triglycerides were great. Blood sugar was fabulous. It really goes to show you that you can make effective changes and that exercise is beneficial in so many ways. I have been happy about my progress, the test results made me proud.

Here's a shot of my favorite hat. Apparently one of my dogs (maggie) likes the salty taste of my sweat cause she ate about half this hat. So if in your travels you come across a Sundance baseball hat think of me. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Yesterday was remarkable here in Madison. 82 and sunny. Today....48 and stormy which can only mean one thing...time for me to play some outdoor volleyball. Peace and Love, Jim


Kristin said...

Congrats on the awesome test results!

I have rebooked my trip for the week of May 24. Hopefully, it's an uneventful week. : )

Barb Drees said...

Hey Jim - I have a Sundance sweatshirt from a long ago ski trip there. I found a website that sell the sundance logo items - they do have baseball caps for sale. Check it out

Wisconsin Terp said...

Thanks so much!!!

Sabine said...

those test results sound great.
Have been back for a week and "working' like crzy. (Paining an appartment and cleaning up).
Hopefully within a day or 2 I'll be back to my fitmess regime.
We (the grpup of 10 plus) are plannning a reunion for April or late June 2010.
Talk to you soon. It was sucj a pleasure meeting you. Sabine