Saturday, April 4, 2009

Take it to the Limit

So put me on a highway

And show me a sign

And take it to the limit one more time

The Eagles

I will do a Ridge wrap up next week but I thought today I would just throw some pics up for you. We head out on the last stop sign hike for me this morning. I'm hoping the weather is nicer than when I went to bed. Low 30's windy, rainy down here but snow on the mountain caps.

Some clown running down the mountain side. Inertia + Gravity + Jim = some interesting descents down these hills

Someone told me I was much more "daring" on this trip but in reality I was just a little more foolish.

Cindy, one of my favorite hiking guides, picking up her daughter's shift at dinner so Anna could make the trip to Salt Lake. Anna had a new Sara cd an d a new Ingrid cd for the trip.

Pam Rush and I sporting the gear all the cool kids are wearing today. She has been just remarkable in her time here and looks fabulous.

Dylan and I. It's great to have Dylan back in the fold at the ridge as he is doing the weekly dvd recap for the campers. Shown here modeling the 2008 shirt.

Suddenly I am a nature photographer. And this flower is for my flower-loving wife who is heading to London, Florence, and Venice in May on her first trip to Europe. I'm really excited for her.

Jessica, Tammy, Linda, and sweet Melissa who just learned she had an Allman Brothers tune written about her. I am shockingly tall looking in this picture.

I love this pic. It's on the summit of a large hill we climbed. Sadly the photographer couldn't capture the full scale of this climb. But he did capture their joy in getting there.

A bunch of us way up high. You can't tell from the picture but one person in the group is way more sweaty than the rest.

Stuffed chicken with wild rice and carrots. Very, very good. I'm not sure where he finds the mini chicken breast or how he stuffs them( roasted veggies) but all 3 bites were awesome.

Dining Al Fresco. Thursday's weather was perfect, but Friday 40 degrees cooler.

Who is that Mountain Goat?

Natalie and I found the pioneer names that had eluded me earlier, but label me skeptical :)

Here's a picture of us 4 wheeling up to the top of devil's death peak. Maybe if the 4 wheeler didn't have plastic wheels, no engine and wasn't an inch long. Have a great weekend, a little Vegas Monday night for the NCAA tourney and then home to Madison for a summer of.... you guessed it, lots of sand volleyball, lots of live music, lots of exercise, and lots of love. I have missed my 3 girls badly on this trip and can't wait to see them. Peace, Jim


mam said...

Hey, I thought that song was about me! What!?

You look amazing. I'm enjoying reading this. Happy homecoming!

Cindy said...

Hey Jim! Dont I have to sign a waver or something before you can post a picture of crazy me??!!
Thank you for the great music,the nice things you said about me, the great visit, and mostly for the wondeful inspiration you are to so many of us here at the Ridge!! Your visits to us are truly something we look forward to. Im happy that Anna was finally able to meet you too. I LOVE your run down of what its like to stay at the Ridge. Enjoy Vegas and returning home. Im grateful that I can call you friend and look forward to the time that you will return again. Some people have a way of brightening the corner in which they reside, you are that type of man! Thank you!!!

caroline said...

Congrats on making it through another 2 weeks! I am sure it was rewarding.