Sunday, April 19, 2009


"Taste of, something, so sweet

Should have, warned me'

Bout the undertow"

Sara Bareilles

I wanted to wrap up my first week home by saying the weather here is just ridiculous. Friday it was close to 80 degrees. Monday I was playing volleyball in the 35 degree rain and slow. Good news is we won our game Sunday playing 4 against 6 and continued Monday with a 5 vs 6 sweep. I got on the scale at weight watchers Monday and had lost 8lbs however 3.5 of those were friends I had found since leaving the ridge. At right is the path I have been jogging and walking on when it's not freezing here. I hate to dwell on the same stuff over and over again but I don't have much else. I don't like talking about how much weight I have lost. I do love talking about how much further and faster I go when exercising, how much easier it is on my psyche trying new things and going to new places, and how playing volleyball is a whole different game than when I started playing 5 years ago.

I liked this picture I took at 6:45 am one morning last week when out on the trails. I have been trying to jog before going into the gym each morning and I have no better feeling than when I wrap up an outdoor workout. I would compare it to the stop sign hike but that is more a sense of relief that the torture is over than a feeling of accomplishment.

Here's my trivia team the "crazy waffles". We have the ability to lead every inch of the contest only to blow it on the last question. Blowing it in both of our last two final questions. I'll give you the questions to see how you do. 1. Henry David Thoreau was imprisoned for failing to pay the poll tax supporting this war. 2. This is the longest running show on TV a) SNL b)Tonight Show c) Meet the Press d) The Guiding Light

I'm going to wrap up this blog entry by stealing something from another Blog. You guys read this, you know my unhealthy fandom for Sara Bareilles. It's the music, but it is also the fact that she is smart, funny, and cares about her fans. Summer has to be coming Peace, Jim

I'm listening to my Ipod and oddly enough, Many the Miles just came on. I always skip my own songs, but this time I'm going to listen.

So I wrote this song as a reminder to myself to keep going in search of love and truth and light and it remains to be and ideal I love to stay connected to.
I suck at it a lot of the time actually, to be honest. I get bitchy, and bored, and irritable, and uninspired and I spend a lot of energy on what i don't like about myself. But at the end of a good day I can take solace in the fact that I am someone who truly wants to be peaceful. Who knows I have the capacity to be truly happy. Not every moment of everyday... but sometimes, and if I'm really committed... a lot of the time.
I don't want to settle for less.
And i wish that for every single one of you. That when you look at your life you gravitate towards what feeds your soul and the people that make you feel inspired and content and beautiful (on the inside, silly). That you give yourself permission to be flawed and imperfect and "lesser than". Know that we all are. I promise. We just don't like to admit it.

So that's my rant for today.
As I cross the miles to get to our destination, I want to send you all little boxes of light that make you feel courageous and perfect. Just in being who you are.
So there.


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Sabine said...

This just made me cry, in a good way.
We all are so blessed to be here on this earth and more often than not don't really appreciate it.
I am with you, Jim!