Thursday, April 9, 2009

On Wisconsin

Hey where did you go, days when the rain came
Down in the hollow, playin a new game
Laughin and a runnin, skippin and a jumpin
In the misty mornin fog, with our hearts a thumpin at you
The Brown Eyed Girl
You my Brown Eyed Girl

Van Morrison
I made it back into Madison last night at around 2am and, of course, happy to be home but missing my old friends and new friends at the Ridge. As I was flying home, cranking the ipod and bouncing in and out consciousness I had a deja vu moment when Van Morrison came on. There was not one song that brought more smiles to the faces of the guests than Brown Eyed Girl. His catalog is beyond impressive and he has been turning out hits since back in the days of the Last Waltz. Dig deeper into his catalog and you find gems like Tupelo Honey, Real Real Gone, and The Dark Side of the Road. Hats off to Van!!
As always thanks to the greatest, friendliest staff in the world. The campers were again wonderful, supportive, and full of fabulous tales from all over the globe. We had teenagers and great grandparents. We had marathon runners and people that hiking used to mean walking to the fridge. No matter what shape anyone is in there is a place for you at the ridge and the level of activity is fitted to your needs. That being said they will certainly push you further and harder than you thought and that activity level will be tougher than you had in mind.
I was really happy that I did much more off road hiking this trip than any other. The impressive peaks I climbed were not something I ever thought I would be doing. It really was exhilarating to be a top such wonders of nature. Can't wait til next time, and next time will be at the end of summer when I will head back for an extended stay. Two weeks was not long enough for me and I really feel as if 4 weeks is the optimum stay but that being said I am shooting for a little longer than that next trip.
Congrats to Pam who has put the time and effort in to turn her old tight jeans into her too big to wear jeans.
It was great to reconnect with some old friends from previous visits. Richard and Kelly from my first trip flanking Nancy and I from my second trip. I had lunch at The Palm with Richard and Kelly Monday in Vegas. My old friend red meat was welcome at the table as well.
It was great to finally meet my favorite blog reader Sabine. No one has really given more of her time to comment on my musings and I really appreciate it. She was the catalyst in something like a baker's dozen campers from last summer reuniting this week. Sorry I missed out on that.
Goodbye again to St George, goodbye and best wishes to those that were staying on Amit, Heidi, Mary, Sue, Angeleen, Monica, and my hiking buddy extraordinaire Natalie. I miss you guys and wish you all the best. And I wish the best to all my new friends and all my old friends. Hopefully you'll be seeing less of me next time around and you are all welcome in Madison anytime. Time for Volleyball, which starts again outside on Monday, live music, which I know I will see Saturday night, and As Always Time for Peace, Jim


Cindy said...

Oh how we miss your smiling face around here!! We are so glad you came to stay again. Enjoy home and life and all that brings you joy! You are an inspiration!!

Analiese said...

Who would have known what a great photographer you are?! Love the hiking photos, food photos and especially the "shadow puppets"! Looks/sounds like such a great place to reconnect with yourself and meet new friends! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences... Peace and Love~

Anonymous said...

You definitely have an amazing eye for photography- the perspective is amazing and I especially like the close-ups of the flora. Is that the macro feature on your camera? Sounds like you've met some amazing and fun people.