Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back at the Ridge

"I'm Leaving Las Vegas
Lights so bright
Palm sweat, blackjack
On a Saturday night
Leaving Las Vegas"
Sheryl Crow
Hi People.
Back in the great town of St George, Utah. My friend the mountain gladly awaits my return and lots of new friendly faces tonite at dinner, that have no idea what they are in for :)
I just thought I would do a short wrap up of Vegas. Let me start by saying that you can certainlly tell that spring has arrived. All the tell tale signs are there. Spring breakers on the streets of Vegas with monster frozen drinks, it's staying light so much longer, only nine inches of snow fell on madison this week and of course the most obvious sign of spring....the duke basketball team failing to play to their seed and heading back to Durham a week earlier than expected.
Vegas was fun, come on it's vegas. But let's be realistic it's not the place to try to stay on 1200 calories a day. You really need a kitchen to pull that off and alot less choices than you get in Vegas. That being said I am happy with my progress in vegas. Lots of things that seemed very far away last time I walked them seem much closer now. All the calories I consumed last week were in the form of food and not booze. I got to see Elton live in concert.
here's the setlist out of order.
Bennie and the Jets, Rocketman, Goodbye Yellowbrick Road, Dont Let the sun go down on me, Someone saved my Life tonight, Philadelphia freedom, Pinball wizard, Candle in the wind, Saturday Night's all right for fighting, I believe in love,I'm still Standing,Your Song,Tiny Dancer, Daniel, The Bitch is Back.
I'm looking forward to two strong weeks here and already looking forward to taking some of these habits back to Madison. I will be sneaking down to vegas for one night this weekend to see Bobby from London, and Alex from Madison. I need to give a huge shout-out to Rachel for having lunch with me at The Palm on saturday. Rachel was the fourth ridger I crossed paths with in Vegas. She looked great and I'm sure the Stanford Golden boy was happier for her attention than their amazing win. I did bump into one lady in vegas pushing a stroller and while initially traumatized by the sound of children and strollers it just made realize I'm not letting that merry band of happy people catch me this week, I'm too quick :). I hope everyone had a happy easter Peace, Jim


Anonymous said...

at least we tried.

uncle john

Bobbyc said...

staying at the Wynn... We will be there Thursday night and leave on Sunday evening. Look forward to seeing you.

Kelly said...

Hey Jim, I have been "stalking" your blog the past few days b/c I am coming to Fitness Ridge for 6 weeks in May....and I love hearing about how you're doing! What a great idea. Good luck. ~Kelly

Anonymous said...

You're right about one thing - Gone baby Gone was a great movie. Watched it on your recommendation. Thanks. John & Betsy