Tuesday, March 4, 2008

One Turkey down

" 'cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run"
So the question I keep being asked is how much weight have you lost well the total weight lost has been 11.7934016 kilograms, or the weight of the world record flounder or the weight of the turkey served at President Roosevelt's 1908 Thanksgiving dinner. For those of you too lazy to google some of those things and translate that into pounds the answer is 26 lbs. It's a pretty good number I am happy with the progress and hope that the next two weeks get me over 40 before heading to Vegas and my goal for Vegas is 3-5lbs for the week. No buffets, no Capriotti's cheesesteaks, nothing fried, maybe a little red meat as I have not sniffed any since arriving here but not the 20 oz prime rib. A number of people have felt obliged to tell me Brett Farve has decided to retire today, good for Brett, I hope he enjoys life on the other side and for sure he is and will always be the biggest hero ever for the people of Wisconsin. Breakfast was the pancakes which meant just toast for me and lunch was the turkey sandwich and cous-cous soup. The food is starting to get a little repetitive and seems more structured to give the one weekers a full array of tasty 1200 calorie days, the problem for us long termers is that means tuesday is turkey sandwich, thursday is pizza, saturday hummus(blech) but as I have told many there's nothing I haven't eaten in my life so structure and routine and no second helpings is working so far. Have a nice day. peace Jim


Kelly said...

GREAT JOB!!!!! Keep up the good work!!! Doesn't that number make the repetitive food a little easier to take?

Sad day here in the frozen tundra. At least my hubby is just in mourning, some are on suicide watch here in WI. However, he gave us a great run, but will be a hard act to follow.

Jenny said...

I am surprised that the stae of WI did not shut down for the day in rememberance of the great #4. I beleive that I may be on of the only people not upset by the decision. Now the Vikings may have a chance:) (probably not but I can always hope)

parlay said...

Will you ever be able to bet on BYU or Utah again? Man, you are one brave dude. To persevere on this task is truly amazing. To be able to be so close to Vegas and not stray makes it more amazing. Congrats on unloading the equivalent of a mid-sized dog.

Keep up the great work. I'll buy dinner next time I see you as long as we don't have to eat barfo burgers.

uncle john said...

so don't bother me cause I got no time
nothin' else matters in the whole wide world
when you're in love with a Wisconsin girl

Jim Trudeau said...

excellent boss paraphrase and I never even knew you were a fan. And you certainly sum up my feelings perfectly :)

Peter said...

You rock, Jimbo! Looking forward to seeing how you do in Vegas! Give my best to the Pool Nazi!