Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Week 4

"Monday Monday, can't trust that day,
Monday Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way
Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be
Oh Monday Monday, how yould cou leave and not take me."
Mama's and Papa's
Week 4 day 22 14 stayover and 21 new guests. Again saturday and sunday was alot of crappy goodbyes. Really the most amazing thing about this place is the fellow campers and the feeling you get all being in the same boat. There truly is power in being part of a group when you can push some people when they need it and give the others the support and encouragement they need. There is no way I could have done this without my compatriates and I can not thank them enough. I really want to give some shout outs to my special partners. Diane and Cal have been here with me every day and they both look amazing. Rachel who was a UW Badger and left sunday was a blast to have around. NY Heather is starting week 3 and is amazing on the hill and makes me laugh. And my dukie buddy Leigh Ann is starting week 2 of 4 and already looks fabulous, and is easily the coolest dukie on the planet not named Lefty Driesell. Thanks for all the help you guys have given me.
On the hill monday morning was a new personal best, a new fastest time, and a feeling that hey I have really improved. Breakfast was easily the best breakfast they serve and it is the regular monday morning breakfast. Egg beaters, two slices of turkey bacon and an english muffin. With the time change we are eating in darkness but I am happy to trade that for the extra hours of light in the evening. People are actually staying up a little later it's so much better not to see people heading to their bedrooms right after dinner.
Lunch on monday was potato/leak soup and and a boca burger burrito. Again not a boca fan at all so I picked that stuff out and and ate the rest of it. Dinner was a chicken breast and some Israeli cous-cous. First off I had no idea there was something called Israeli cous cous but it was pretty good.
Circuit training in the afternoon, stretching and some lap swimming. I went to sleep at 10 pm knowing tuesday was weigh in day
Up the hill tuesday morning no personal best for distance, much slower, but still sweaty as hell. And just for good luck I decided to wish witchy woman a good morning. I got back and did weigh in. Let me say first off that I feel like I manipulated the scale a little bit by going straight from the hill to the scale, but not enough to take the shine off the news the scale had for me. Week 3 weight loss was 15.8 lbs for a 3 week 2 day total of 41.2 lbs. Needless to say I was ecstatic.
One interesting thing going on here is a really big reality TV star is starting her second week here at the ridge. I am all about privacy so I felt compelled to not say anything about it but she has been incredibly open, super nice and said go ahead. She was the big star from a show called For Love or Money which meant nothing to me but her dad was a great NFL quarterback certainly the greatest 49er QB that predated the montana/young eras. Anyway that's enough clues if you're curious google away.
All right 4 more nights until Vegas. Part of me thinks I should just suck it up and stay here, the other 99.99% says Vegas thank heaven I can not wait. Peace, Jim


BobbyC said...

Erin Brodie! Now a million is alot of money, but you would really have to think about it. Especially because if she stuck with you she would have 2 million and she might share it.

And if you haven't already seen it in the newspapers,

I'm client 8, so you better get the party started.

Anonymous said...

is (was) she married to Chris Chandler? betsy and I should be listed as cool dukies - well maybe not.
uncle john

Jim Trudeau said...

Her sister is married to Chris Chandler. And you and Betsy are the coolest horse owning dukies I know certainly cooler than Bobby Hurley:)

Anonymous said...

Has the world stopped rotating? Trudeau, there are NO cool dukies outside of my toilet. sorry, probably uncalled for. GO TERPS. BTW, carnathon wasn't really client #8, he's just kidding. congrats on the lb's lost and have fun in vegas.