Sunday, March 2, 2008

2 down 4 to go

"Saturday in the Park
I think it was the fourth of July"
I woke up saturday morning around 4 am and swore to myself, "I am not walking up that God damn mountain today." So as I layed in bed I tried to come up with legit excuses that people would buy so that I could get out of it. My Achilles is sore (not really) but who is going to question something as specific as an achilles injury.... good planning. Or I could say I was sick. I have been hacking up a storm the last couple days. No No I'll say I am going into town to walk somewhere else to test myself on flat surfaces. I went with that plan. And as I shared that plan I started to feel a little bad so I talked myself into getting on the van and going to the top and walking down. Not as tough and I would just meander a bit. All right that's the plan. I began the descent and forgot that this was a whole different set of muscles and way of walking. This was all right, it was a beautiful morning, there were quite a few more weekenders on the path who like to stop and talk, and I had Tom Petty cranking on the ipod. So about halfway down I am sitting on a bench, minding my own business, when I hear the sound that strikes fear in my heart, a family with young kids coming up the trail. I know damn well it's the happy, smiling owner, his prego wife and their 3 kids plus whatever relatives and neighbors pushing strollers they have roped in to their perpetual assault on this hill. I'm screwed with nowhere to hide. Next thing I know I am heading up the hill with the merry band of mormon gypsies. UGH!! but atleast they eventually cut me loose and let me head back down.
Now that I had done all that I convinced myself, well I am taking the afternoon off and watching some hoops before heading to the chuck-o-rama for dinner with the rest of the campers. That really only meant blowing off circuit training at 2 pm. So as I was laying around watching Marquette Gtown getting ready to go to overtime, the phone rang in my room. That was weird a whole week and the phone has never rung in my room I figure it must be housekeeping seeing if I need towels. Hello " Hi Jim, we're holding circuit training up til you get here see you in five minutes" Fuck me~ put my socks on head down there's like 10 people in the class. where are the other 25 people and did they get calls? treadmill/biceps/treadmill/triceps/treadmill/shoulders/treadmill/quads/treadmill/calfs/
treadmill/ hamstrings/treadmill/glutes/ treadmill/lats/treadmill/chest/treadmill/back/treadmill/abs/treadmill/more abs.
Atleast I got them to turn the Gtown game on the TV. However watching them get fouled shooting a three with 2 seconds left and then making the three free throws and winning in overtime was depressing as was then watching UNC come back from 18 down to beat BC and seeing the highlights of Duke rallying to win.
So let's recap down and up the mountain, circuit training, unc and gtown and duke get ridiculous come back wins...It's just another saturday in the park for Jim. Peace!!


BobbyC said...

Stone cold free throw shooting. Not a Hoya signature. But how can you be upset when your good friend and Georgetown Alum must be so happy!

swimwest said...

What an amazing Saturday! I have been feeling very lazy lately too! Glad they got you back into the groove and lifting those weights and marching up and down the hill. What a fun WARM day filled with lots of fresh air. It snowed again last night! Yep, the packed snow is so high on the side of the roads you can't see around them when you turn, even in a semitruck! Enjoy your hot tub, swimming laps and warm hiking trails. Karen

Cameron and Michelle said...

Your welcome Jim. we love you too :) Keep up the good work!