Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day

"What's so amazing

That keeps us star gazing

What do we think we might see

Someday we'll find it

That Rainbow Connection

The lovers the dreamers and me"

Kermit the Frog

We are going to start of today's blog by honoring a true genius and the greatest graduate to ever attend the University of Maryland, Mr. Jim Henson. This man has single handidly brought so much joy to young children and adults through his Muppets and sesame street. He was the greatest puppeteer to ever live and his cast of characters household names, Elmo, Big Bird, Kermit, Ms Piggy,Bert and Ernie and of course The Cookie Monster. So today we salute the legacy that Jim Henson, who sadly died in 1990 at the age of 53, left behind and honor him with a simple Fear the Turtle.

Okay so I am now upto 3.2 miles up the hill, and your homework for tonite is to drive out your front door and see where 3.2 miles takes you. I was pretty suprised when I clocked it myself today, it's some distance. Today was a big pool day for me and happily for many of the other campers here. I'll start by saying that temps hit the mid-70's today( I apologize to those reading in Madison or places north). I took my volleyball into the pool to try and work on my serve I figured swim a lap serve a ball. I did this for about an hour 40 or so laps. Then about 5 ladies joined me in the pool and we played some makeshift volleyball. Now it's not treadmill but it's fun and you burn some calories. Exercise you enjoy is always good. I am still feeling good, clothes are looser, I know you want numbers next week I promise.

This week is Nascar week in Vegas and when I went to watch the Terps in Mesquite the town was swarming with the fans. You know the ones, wearing a jacket with 20 sponsors on it that they paid $125 to freely advertise for them. I have no problem with Nascar fans but don't wear the silly jackets everywhere and new this year Dale Jr. is no longer #8 so that stuff has to go sorry.

Food the last few days has been pretty good. I could not begin to guess the number of hamburgers I have eaten in my life. That number would have to be in the thousands but tonite was a first. A boca burger. Certainly no cow died for my dinner which is good but if I never eat another boca burger it will be too soon. That thing was nasty and even with lettuce. tomatoe, pickles, salt, pepper, mustard. and ketchup it tasted a little like the inside of my shoe. Certain things should not be toiled with and the hamburger is one for sure.
A couple other quick notes: I assembled some people tonite for a Scattegories game, glad to see some people buck up and stay awake past nine. Old lady of the path tried to be nice today and say something to me but I was having none of that. A special thanks to Aimee who knitted me a hat and Cal who bought me some goggles when I lost my first pair. How do you lose goggles? I have no idea. Also my mom has sent a couple care packages which make all the other people jealous when I get them. Tomorrow will mark my 12th trip up the hill or atleast 32 miles of walking. It will be my 15th pool aerobics class and 13th day on 1200 calories or less. No major food craving but I got a whiff of popcorn in Target tonite that had me contemplating grabbing the whole popper and making a run for it. And one final piece of advice. Never watch something on the Travel channel called pizza wars when eating 1200 calories, it was sadder than watching Brian's Song. I hope everyone has a nice weekend. Spring is coming I swear and I know I owe a few people emails. This weekend I swear. Peace, Jim


Jenny said...

I am glad to hear that some people did in fact stay up to play the exciting game of Scattagories ( I think I spelled it wrong but what ever)with you. I hope you kicked ass. Way to make it through week 2 and I know in the next couple of weeks you will get to explore Jenny's canyon before it closes for mating season.

PoohTerp said...

okay, i am all caught up on your blog now and let me just say that i am in awe. i can't even imagine making that progress. we play uva away next year and i'm not lying when i say that i am already dreading that walk from uhall to scott. it has almost killed me that last two trips down there. jesse sent me a site called "couch to 5k" that is supposed to help one build a walking regime. maybe i will finally read it. :-(

Genipher said...

So,I finally see your blog!! I have tried so many times since leaving Utah on March2nd to follow your progress and this is the first time I've been able to connect with this site!!Hope you're still doing phenomenal things Jim!! I heard through the grapevine it was 60lbs for your stay---amazing!!
I'm going to see Sweet Baby James here in Vancouver in July--WooHoo!!
My young husband isn't even familiar with his music--some peoples sheltered lives eh?