Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm sunburned

"Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray it might come true"
Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys
So here is what you say to an old lady, nothing, you just shake your head and realize that being old and bitter and ready to die stinks, and you laugh and accept that mean people suck and you move on. I have seen her twice since then both times I have just ignored her.
Eggs for breakfast with an english muffin that had raisins in it. Come on, no one wants raisins in their muffin. It is funny to watch the people try to spice up there meals with strange sauces, and salsas. Lunch was the pizza again, and when you are hungry it is amazing how good food you would have turned your nose up to 10 days ago now tastes. Dinner was a chicken and rice stir fry bowl. It was served with chopsticks and most of the people gave them a shot, as for me, I welcomed the invention of the fork and use it proudly. Although I am sure dinner would have lasted a few extra hours if I tried the chopsticks. I have been amazed at how many foods I would never have thought of eating I have tried and accepted this week. There's alot of tofu but I can't really taste it. Sprouts, zucchinni, eggplant, cauliflower, when its 1200 calories nothing goes to waste.
There was a new personal best going up the mountain today but it hurt. The people that jog this thing amaze me. I'm pretty sure I can take them if we were to race at equal weights but they are a different breed. I have picked up some sunburn the last couple days in the pool. Now my wife packed 4 different sunscreens and I swear I have been slathering that stuff on all week but my face and back are a little fried.
Todays true genius is the album Pet Sounds, created by Brian Wilson and recorded by The Beach Boys in 1966. The instrumentation, arrangement, and layering of voices and sounds was 20 years ahead of its time. It inspired so many artists to reach higher with their music. The Beatles claim Sgt Pepper's was their attempt to replicate Pet Sounds. It's a stunning, beautiful, sorrowful and joyous piece of music. If you have never sat down and listened to this album start to finish you are missing out. I salute you Mr Wilson and realize the toll this album took on your psyche but there has been no finer piece of music recorded in the last 50 years. Tomorrow is day 11 same old same old in the morning treading in the afternoon and then the Terps in a must win game a Wake Forest. Let's hope for the best Peace, Jim


swimwest said...

sorry to hear about the old lady. It is almost like being here in the 7:30 senior class. You get good at holding your tongue vs holding them under the water. I am sure you are very steady on your feet and she is jeolous of how quick you pass her each morning. All is well here, we played a kick ass game of volleyball on Tuesday, so that was my sweat workout for the day. Don't forget to put on that sunsceen and push that body as far as it can go each day. When are you going to share with us how much you have lost to date? would love to hear the number! Keep on trecking and I will talk with you soon. Miss you in the morning workouts!

Alex said...

I agree mean people suck, but it sounds like the wicked witch needs to get bumped off the trail. She's just lucky Maryland beat Wake Forest or your agility would be put to the test tomorrow morning. Maryland is starting to look like a tournament team.

PoohTerp said...

okay, you handled the old coot well, but i still liked bobbyc's answers better. :-)

and have you noticed, i have commented once on the terps. :-(