Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 2.3

"If it takes all night that'll be all right, if I can get you to smile before I leave"
By Jackson Browne
Today is Wednesday morning and today we begin our recognizing true genius series and today we celebrate the true genius that is for my money the greatest songwriter of my lifetime. You can have Dylan, The Boss, Paul and John, Pooh's fav Neil Young, and for goodness sakes we all know I love JT, but give me the words and music of Jackson Browne as the single greatest works of music and lyrics of the last 40 years. So today I salute you Mr Browne.
Day 2 began as did day one except there were a few more creaks and pains getting out of bed I managed to be up at 5:45 and in the gym at 6 am on the treadmill for two 15 minute sets with stretching and some ab work in between. Breakfast was at 7 am and it sucked two buckwheat pancakes that were the heaviest things imaginable. I choked down half of one and grabbed some extra fruit. Get in the van at 8 am and head out to the Canyon. The class is broken down into 3 groups advanced headed out on some mountain cclimbing, intermediates headed to Jenny Canyon and although I was tempted to honor my friend Jenny by exploring her canyon I passed and headed with the newbies to the same path as yesterday. I'd like to say I saw improvement or felt better that day one but no dice. It still beats me up like nothing else.
After the walk I spent some time in the hot tub which feels really good, took in the morning pool aerobics class and got ready for lunch which was really good. A turkey sandwhich on whole grain bread with a side salad, right in my wheelhouse lotsa of mustard no complaints.
After lunch we had the choice of a second pool aerobics class or a kickboxing class. I chose the pool again. It's a good workout without the taxing pain on my knees. I followed that up doing solo laps for an hour while some people did a yoga class and others crashed in their rooms.
Dinner was a salad, some steamed brocolli and some sort of mexican lasagna. Now I can assure you that no animals were harmed in the creation of my dinner, and I never asked and don't really want to know what was in it but it worked for me. There was a apple cake rasberry glaze cake for dessert 160 calories the girl sitting next to me and I split one piece. Dinner was followed by a lecture regarding portion size.
I had now been at the ranch for about 13 hours I went to the room watched a half hour of uk-georgia in hoops and crashed. I found out this morn that obama was a winner in Wisconsin congrats to him. I have met people who live on Maui and people that live on Bermuda. There is quite a diversity of people here on both the social-economic scale and the fitness scale. Fitness Ridge will be a small part of the March 24th Biggest Loser TV show but I'll give you more details on that later. It has already been filmed so no face time for me. After dinner I am making the 30 minute drive to Mesquite Nevada to watch the Terps, no decent sports bars in St George, hard to imagine not many bars in this hard drinking town, now if you sneeze you hit a LDS church but a beer and a satellite dish not on the radar.
This morning was a little more stiffness but not too bad. Up and on the treadmill at 6 am. Further and quicker today, Breakfast was an english muffin egg whites and peach puree. edible. Back to the canyon and today hurt the worst. The hamstrings are singing out with each step and the back wants no more, but I took a few extra steps then the day before. My hat could hold no more sweat and was leaking like a faucet off the front brim. Just got a ride back and headed into the computer room to type this out. Hope all's well with everyone and thanks for your kind words and emails. Someone asked for the address and it would be a good idea to hide any contraband inside a statue of Brigham Young.
Fitness Ridge
760 South 200 West
Ivins, Utah 84738


jake said...

Keep up the good work captain. We are all pulling for you. I think Jackson my be an under appreciated singer songwriter, but he lost it a little bit with Lawyers in Love. Tough loss for the Terps last night, and the skins are an embarrassment. I am officially on the Obama bandwagon. Hef would be proud. Great blogs Cap. You have some serious skill.


swimwest said...

wow,you took an hour on your own by doing laps! Great job, are you looking to get the award at the end of the week? Keep up the great work, good luck on making it up the hill on your hike. Just keep thinking, one step in front of the other and the next you know, you are on the top. Keep up the great workouts, and enjoy those pancakes. Yummmy.

Jenny said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job. I know within the next couple of weeks you will be able to hike the Jenny Canyon and it would be a great honor.

PoohTerp said...

jackson may be able to sing better than neil, but come on.. write better?

and the idea of contraband inside of brigham young made me LMAO.