Wednesday, February 13, 2008

65 degrees :)

"Well, I'm standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona and such a fine sight to see,"
by Jackson Browne and The Eagles
So I am finishing up my drive yesterday, most of the trip through the great state of Arizona when I come upon Winslow, Arizona. I figure I can stop here and get gas and go stand on a corner so..I do. Wasn't much to see and no girl in a flatbed ford slowed down to take a look at me. But hey I did it I was tempted to continue west and also take in the Hotel California but I figured enough Rock fun and games for one day.
Other cool things about the drive included seeing elk crossing and mountain goat crossing signs, none of which choose to cross at those times but I was vigilant for their safety and protection Also the elevation of Flagstaff made it such that it had snow piled up in the parking lots and snow coverage everywhere while 30 miles on each side of it had nothing. Speaking of Snow Congratulations to Madison for picking up the needed inches yesterday to set a new winter snow mark, and so early in the year. They must be proud of that accomplishment :)
I have officially reached old man status. Here's how I know. I can no longer beat the estimated time for travel on the mapquest . Yesterday was 560 miles mapquest said 8 hours I took 9 with no weather.
You finish your trip to Vegas from the south by passing directly over Hoover Dam, there's a checkpoint but they just wave you through and you procede with tourists everywhere and constuction on a new bridge that is massive going on. It's a strange visual experience at 5 miles an hour speed and being right on top the dam.
Well I get a few days here before making the 3 hour trip north to St George, Utah. I need a few days to relax and unlike most I'm not frenzied here in Vegas. I'll watch alot of basketball and some horses running in circles and spend very little time on the tables games. Math people just don't like the house edge.
Peace, Jim

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Kelly said...

OK,really?? That's what it took you to think you hit old man status?? You have driven like an old man for the 20++++ years that I have known you!!!
Glad you got there safe.