Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 4 quickie

"How far do I have to go to get to you? Many the miles, many the miles"
Sara Bareilles
I have to be in the pool in 10 minutes so it's short and sweet for the now. No real genius today but tomorrow we will celebrate the real genius that is George Roy Hill. You're homework is to find out who he is if you don't know. A quick shout out to those lucky enough to be seeeing Sara Bareilles tonite in Madison a very talented young singer songwriter and a UCLA grad. Enjoy it waqs easily the event I will miss most while being here.
Today's walk was almost twice as long as yesterday some progress :) Breakfast was oatmeal but the chef threw me a bone and gave me a big bowl of fruit and an english muffin. I had subway last night watching the Terps gag hard. 6 inch turkey on honey oat and some pretzels 500 total calories and a sweet sweet diet pepsi. My best to Jared and all the rest of you....Peace, Jim


jackyt said...

"World According to Garp"????

swimwest said...

Hey, sounds like you are eating great food and loving the water! Miss my work out partner, but hanging in there. I see you were able to have some pepsi! Was that a sneak, or a given?