Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday day 8

"Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down"
The Carpenter's
Week two began as did week one minus the anxiety. 17 new campers into the group and 17 stay overs. It was suprisingly hard to say goodbye to the people who left yesterday. It was an amazing group of people and their departure has lessened a bit the atmosphere around here. Up the hill at 8 am after a breakfast of toast, egg whites and turkey bacon. In as much as the quantity of those three things can equal 300 calories. I spent most of todays walk with Larry one of the fitness ridge guides who happened to play basketball with Rick Barry at the University of Miami. Very cool and he confirmed what was widely reported. Rick Barry was a ball hog, egotistical jerk. I set a new personal best on the mountain and will be sniffing the top by next week( I hope).
We came back for pool class which is my favorite hour of the day. I don't want to sound like too big a weenie but I am always happier when I can score the one orange noodle. I failed that made me sound like a weenie. I got to do a half hour of laps before class.
Lunch was a "burrito" made up of mostly some beans. potato, and boca burger. It wasn't exactly the chicken fajita burrito from Chipolte but then it had about 1000 less calories. I kinda liked it and with my new found love of green tobasco it was pretty tasty. I also had what I have at most meals a big plate of carrots and a naval orange. Lots of the wonderful color orange in my life today.
Afternoon started with Circuit traing at 2:45 it ran just over an hour and a half. Now I don't like to do many things for an hour and a half that don't involve sitting, a remote and some salty snacks but I sucked it up and tried to go a little faster and a little harder then last week. At 4:15 I could not wait to get in the pool. And while the plan was to bang out another half hour of laps it was a little more floating and a talking than actual swimming. I spent a half hour in the hot tub. Dinner as always was at 5:30 a chicken breast and and some cous-cous. I'm not sure where the chickens come from that supply us these morsels but they sure don't grow them big wherever it is.
It's now 7:45 and they really need some nighttime activities because these people have no idea how good a trivial pursuit player I am :) It seems as if everyone is in their bedroom and ready to turn out the lights. Alot of the people use the early evening to get massages, facials, pedicures etc. but I'm not that guy nor do I want my exit bill looking like a week on a cruise ship.
Just a quick word about Ms Karen Carpenter, can't put her in the true genius category but her contribution to music was pretty big. You still don't see many drum playing teenage girls with the voice of an angel but she paved a path for many of the girls soft rockers of the 70's and her brother Richard was an exceptional composer and music arranger and there songs have lived on and will live on forever. And eventhough it was a monday I wasn't down and it wasn't rainy at all, in fact sunny and mid-60's. In fact I'd say I felt more like a Superstar and on Top Of The World then down and For All We Know it will just keep getting better til I'm Close To You guys again. PEACE, Jim


swimwest said...

sounds like you are almost up that mountain!! I bet by Friday you will be sniffing the top of the peak and veering out over the horizan! Your food sounds really good today, my breakfast bar does not compare and comes close to 300 calories alone. Keep on hiking and doing those laps, can't wait to race you in the pool when you get back! karen

Jenny said...

Congrats on reaching a new personal best!! I have to agree with Karen I too beleive that you will be sniffing the top of the mountain by the end of the week. Enjoy the warmer weather because it is freakin' freezing here.

Badger Disguised as a Spartan said...

Dear Jim!
I know you can make it up that mountain!! And that breakfast sounds interesting! Keep up the good work! PS. I'll let you know who wins the big match up that will be taking place in the Kohl center on Thursday between my two schools.

Patti R. said...

Hi Jim~

Greg recently forwarded to me your "notes" which he received from Alison.

Congrats on what you're doing for yourself! I think you are brave and deserve a big pat on the back.
Hang in there, and continue to enjoy it and learn from it as much as you can. I'm sure this experience will stay with you for the rest of your life.

I'm really enjoying reading your reports of your daily rancher experiences. I get a kick out of your many religious/
political/social/sports references as well as your assorted thoughtful movie reviews. And, as a child of the 70s, I appreciate your pithy critigues of some of the greatest music ever written
and performed. (That was very well said about Karen and the Carpenters---I agree.)

Anyway, take care, and enjoy your time in the great state of Utah. I look forward to reading more.

RC said...

who was our physics teacher? didn't he play in college? I remember you gave him a pretty good game. Maybe you can win some money off Larry playing one on one.

Alex said...
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Alex said...

I'm struggling with your reference to Karen Carpenter, who died from Anorexia and your detailed desription of every calorie on the menu. Ironically, I believe Richard Carpenter overdosed on orange quaaludes.

PoohTerp said...

hey.. i have a bball reference that fits the theme of your blog! i was baptized by richie webb who played on brigham young's elite eight team with danny ainge!