Sunday, February 24, 2008

And on Sunday he rested

"Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
There’s a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby"
Arlen and Harburg
Sunday is a day off here in Utah, unlesss you are a practicing member of the LDS and then you get assigned to a 9, 11, or 1 oclock church time. There must not be many who pray at the same sunday altar as me 'cause there would be too many conflicts with my favorite sunday worship. The great NFL.
Tonite is Oscar night and one way you can tell a guy has too much time on his hands is he has seen all 5 movies nominated for best picture. That would be me. So for all of you that have not seen all 5 flicks here are some mini-reviews from worst to first. There Will Be Blood is an overwrought steaming pile of poop. Pointless, tedious, and just plain terrible. Atonement is a slightly smaller steaming pile but terrible none the less. Boring, slow, silly and a huge waste of time. No Country for Old Men, (your likely winner) was entertaining at times, disappointing at other times, and just a bit of a letdown. Juno is exceedingly clever. I liked it alot. The dialogue, pop references, and fun banter makes for a very fun movie. Michael Clayton is a strong legal thriller, amazingly well acted, a fun quick story that keeps you guessing and delivers the way you want it too at the end. Unfortunately, the best movie of the year was not nominated for best picture. Without a doubt my favorite movie this year was GONE BABY GONE. The Afflecks do an outstanding job of telling a twisting whodunit involving a kidnapping in Boston. Go see this flick and thank me later.
Tomorrow we are back on the 6 am train, heading back up the mountain, getting back on the circuit training wagon, back in the pool, and back to feeling exhausted. The truth is I can't wait.


Bobby C said...

Totally disagree with your assessment of There Will Be Blood. I thought is was pretty good. Daniel Day Lewis is amazing. The last line of the movie, "I'm finished in here!" will go down as a classic movie line. Michael Clayton bored me for the most part, found it unrewarding even at the end. I hear Juno is really good.

I am in Vegas from 27
Mar to 30 Mar. Melissa is coming with me against her better judgement, but I promised her warm weather. Not much of that here.

Happy to hear you are doing well.

swimwest said...

Week two is underway and I am excited to hear how it all goes. I am sure the hills will be easier, the water will move faster around you in the pool, and the hot tub will get a lot of use as you unwind.

My workout today was 40 minutes long and a little sweat, I guess I will be revamping that when you get back and whip me into Terp shape! karen

Jeanne K said...

Jimmy you rock! We are proud of you in Maryland as we sit on the sofa and watch tv under blankets because the high temperature has not broken the 30's of late.

Have to disagree with Bobby and agree with you. Michael Clayton is a great movie!! Sad to say I have not seen any of the others.

Keep up the good work and the entertaining blogs!!

Anonymous said...

congrats on your first week Jim. Glad you're enjoying the burn. kind of like football camp? thanx for the movie reviews since meg and i haven't been out alone for what feels like a lifetime.
Bobby, i need to go to oregon in late march, will try to swing it through vagas at same time. maybe get dinner together. Jim, keep on get'n on.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Lad,

It was good to talk to you. You sounded great and I am pleased that you are able to survive on 1200. I'll take your word for the movies; the last time I took BK to a movie was before stereo. The Oskers were terrible.

Keep hiking.


Jenny said...

I am very happy and proud that you made it through week one. The workouts will seem so much eaiser this week :)

Alex said...

I am in complete agreement with your rankings. I did like Daniel Day Lewis's acting in There Will Be Blood, but thought the movie was long and pointless. I love the Cohen brothers but No Country for Old Men didn't even come close to Fargo. Juno was my favorite of the five and I thought Ellen Page was awesome. Michael Clayton was a close second, great ending. I hope to see Gone Baby Gone based on your recommendation. Unfortunately,I still have not forgiven Ben for least he had a stint with J-Lo during that phase.

PoohTerp said...

well if we can't agree on who is the best songwriter of all time, at least we can agree on the best movie of 2007! i'm still said that GONE BABY GONE did not receive any of the love it deserved!