Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Picture Day

holding up the rock
The Hiking 101 group
What I see everyday

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"I got a Nikon camera

I love to take a photograph

So mama don't take my Kodachrome away"

Paul Simon

There are probably better ways to sort and arrange these pictures but I'm still learning so bear with me here.
First day back and my old nemesis the old lady of the path actually looked happy to see me trudging back up the hill, not that she even said hello but I could sense a slight curl in the 5th or 6th wrinkle around her eye that seemed approving to me. And the owners were able to run me down but it was alot further up the hill so some more and welcome progress.
The food has not changed eggs, turkey bacon, toast monday, pancakes tuesday. Veggie burritos monday lunch, turkey sandwiches tuesday lunch. Dinner monday was chicked with the purple mashed potatoes and dinner tuesday was the lasagna or whatever layered noodles with no dairy chesse and no meat is called.
The new group of campers has a high percentage of teachers as it is spring break but that also means there will be a big turnover next week. In fact I think there will only be 3 stayovers this week when the average has been in the 15 range. I know the place is overflowing with people and pretty much booked through the summer. There are also four or five couples here this week including one living out of a trailer in the parking lot.
Today we hiked a part of Tuacahn which is in the same area as the normal hike but off the path. It was considered very, very moderate by the guide but I work on a slightly different grading system. It was somewhere between "kicked my ass" and "made me want to die" My shoes, socks, feet and legs were covered with the red dust that these red rocks produce. I was able to ascetain this because I was always looking down to make sure I was walking on some solid ground. Level ground would have been a nice change but I guess that's what makes it hiking. I was really, really happy to see the van today.
I have done a bunch of lap swimming these last two days. thw weather has been close to 80 degrees and the pool is so beautiful and refreshing. And for the first time in my 5 weeks there was someone else in the pool doing laps as well.
I have another movie recommendation for you guys. And while I am almost ashamed to admit this, when I was in vegas I made some time for a movie and saw "The Bank Job" It was my favorite movie so far this year. Well acted and a slightly altered tale of a 70's bank heist in England. I am sure you would all enjoy it. Hope all else is well Have a great week Peace, Jim

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Jenny said...

Yeah!! I love pictures. You look great and can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks.